Monday, May 19, 2008

He Loves Her, Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!

On April 28th, 2008, we got teased by the creators by having Barney and Robin kiss...and then sleep together. But then Barney's tension with Ted, Ted's relationship with Stella, and Marshall and Lily's pilgrimage to Happy Coupleville, the idea of Barney and Robin was driven from the main plot of the season. But us 'Stinbatsky' shippers were wishin', and hopin', and dreamin', and we held on tight to our BroTP faith. Then, on May 19th, 2008, thanks to a car/bus accident hospitalizing Ted and Barney respectfully, not to mention Ted and Barney becoming Bros again, our hope was restored for the Barney/Robin pairing. No, not restored....CONFIRMED!!!!!!! We officially have proof that Barney is IN LOVE WITH ROBIN!!!!! Hold on....EEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Okay, good! Marshall asked Barney if, when the bus hit him, whether or not he saw anything he loved; then Lily and himself start making jokes about how Barney must have seen boobs, or suits, or boobs in suit, or a giant boob in a giant suit. However, just then Robin walks into Barney's hospital room and we, of course, see him give her a significant loving look; she, of course, doesn't see. Barney just agrees with Marshall and Lily, but we now know where Barney Stinson's heart lies....with Robin! So this must mean that Robin and Barney will be living with Ted next year, as many of you (and us) predicted on the last poll. So if anyone of you cried when you found that BARNEY LOVES ROBIN(!!!!!), know that you are not alone (and you could tell everyone how you feel in our new poll!). As soon as the episode becomes available on, we will post it on the blog. And remember, as you wake up tomorrow, as you take a shower, as you head off to work/school, and when things begin to seem that things are going downhill, just remember......


P.S. Also, Ted "proposes" to Stella in what is supposed to be the cliffhanger of the season (look how THAT turned out....). All those who say it won't last say, "I!" That's what we thought.


Virginia said...

yes...yes...Yes...Yes...YES...YEEEEESSSS !!!!!!
FINALLY ! I love it !!! He's so cute with this look on his face ! I've been waiting for this since like... forever ! Barney in love ! It's gonna be like a baby who learns how to walk! It's gonna be legen... wait for it... DARY of course ! I just hope he won't be de..nied...

And actually, for your theory (barney & robin living with ted), i really don't think so, because do you imagin that in nearly 15 episodes barney will accept these feelings, do something about it, try to make it work, that robin will fall in love, that ted will be ok with it, that the relationship will be stable and that they will move in together ? And, above all that, do you really think barney would leave his AWSOME apartment? Well, I don't.

Ok, that's all I've got to say... he loves her ! he loves her!!! But when does the next season begin??? I can't wait !

Thanks for this blog anyway, i needed it !

PS : Sorry for my english, I'm from Marseille, in France. Bye!


Lindsay said...

YAY BARNEY AND ROBIN!!! They make such a great couple. I absolutely "aww"-ed out loud (and maybe shed a tear) when Barney was looking at her like that. Adorable. On that note, I have created a fan video for this occasion that can be viewed on youtube.

Here is the link:

Rae Lindenberg and Lanie Kafkis said...

Hye guys, thanks for posting. Seeing these really makes us happy! We really like that we can share our love for the Barney/Robin relationship. Remember to catch the next season, September 22, 2008, and keep posting! We appreciate it. POST UP!

Anonymous said...

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