Saturday, August 30, 2008

Do I Know You? Less than a MONTH away!

Hey guys! Sorry it's been over a month since we have posted anything here! Summer is always lacking in any good HIMYM news! Fortunately, the season 4 premiere of How I Met Your Mother is less than a month away! THAT'S RIGHT! September 22 is now only weeks away! We know more than anyone that this is still torture having to wait this long, but we are sure to get more news and pictures about the upcoming season. For instance, the first episode of the season will be titled, "Do I Know You?". I can feel the sarcasm rolling off all of our readers, "WOW! The title of the first episode! This is huge!..." Cue eye roll. But we'll be on the lookout for any more news so just...bear with us! Thanks you guys! BARNEY/ROBIN!